Clary Trucking Inc. is a family-owned and operated trucking company with over 75 years’ experience. We are centrally located in the Midwest at 1177 Eastern Avenue, Chillicothe, Ohio. Through the work of four generations of family members and the help of our employees, our goal is to continue to provide safe and exceptional service to our customers. We specialize in short to medium-distance carrier freight solutions using dry van, Conestoga, flat, dump, and walking floors. We also offer yard truck service.


In 1947, Jesse Clary Sr. bought a truck to haul school coal; this was the beginning of Clary Trucking. The following year, Jesse Sr. purchased an International wrecker truck that he used for towing and cleaning up local accidents. Through the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, Jesse Sr. hauled coal, gravel, and continued to use the wrecker. In 1956 his son, Jesse Clary Jr., on his 16th birthday obtained his license and began hauling aggregate material and household coal. Through the 1960’s, the company predominately hauled aggregate materials used for road construction and the company grew to ten trucks.

In 1966, the company purchased its first tractor and trailer, a B model Mack and tri-axle trailer, and began hauling coal. The following year, this truck was traded for a new R model Mack. Through the period of 1968-1970, the company transported base material for the construction of Route 32 in southeastern Ohio. Jesse Clary Sr. passed away in 1970, leaving his son, Jesse Clary Jr., to run the business.

Jesse Jr. and his wife Patricia grew the business through the 1970’s to include over 15 trucks, hauling coal, foundry sand, and asphalt. In the mid 1970’s Jesse and Patricia’s three children, Rick, Dan, and Jackie joined the business. In 1978, the company moved to a new larger facility in Richmond Dale, Ohio. Throughout the late 1970’s and 80’s, the company continued to grow, while providing the same quality of service upon which the business was founded.

In the early 1990’s, the company expanded to include van and walking floor services. In 2003, the company moved to its current facility in Chillicothe, Ohio to facilitate warehousing and cross-docking capabilities. Clary Trucking Inc. continues to provide exceptional service and quality to its customers. Currently, the company has 80 trucks, over 300 trailers, and 4th generation family members assisting in the operation of the business.